Structured Problem Solving


Delegates who wish to develop a Structured Method for Problem Solving and Decision Making and be aware of further techniques for creativity in this process
Course Duration
1 Day


  • To understand the overall problem solving Process
  • To be able to differentiate between symptoms and causes
  • To be able to apply a variety of techniques to recognise, label and identify the root cause of problems
  • To be able to develop alternative solutions and use different techniques to make decisions
  • To understand the importance of planning and implementing identified actions

Topics Covered

  • Course Introduction
    • Self Introductions & Personal Objectives
    • Course Objectives
  • Problem Solving Process Overview
  • Problem Recognition
    • The Iceberg or 80/20 Rule
    • Symptom Identification
  • Problem Labelling
  • Problem Cause Analysis
    • Finding the Root Cause
  • Solution Options
  • Decision Making
  • Action Planning
    • Contingency Planning
  • Handling Resistance to Change

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