Programme Management

1 Day Overview Course

Delegates with Project Management experience who wish to learn about Programme Management or alternatively Senior Managers who wish to understand the concepts of Programme Management
Course Duration
1 Day
None although exposure to project work will be of benefit


  • To understand fundamental Programme Management concepts and the difference between Projects and Programmes
  • To understand Programme Management roles and responsibilities
  • To appreciate the difference between delivering projects and realising benefits
  • To understand the usage of key documents within a Programme
  • To understand the importance of Risk Management and Issue resolution within a Programme environment
  • To understand the Processes of Programme Management

Topics Covered

  • Course Introduction
    • Self Introductions & Personal Objectives
    • Course Objectives
  • Programme Management Concepts
  • Managing the Change Process
    • What is business change
    • Drivers for change
    • Critical success factors
  • Organisation and Leadership
    • Key Principles
    • Organisation and sponsorship
    • Roles and responsibilities
  • Benefits Management and Benefits Realisation
    • The Benefits Management process
    • Identifying and quantifying benefits
    • Benefit documentation
  • Stakeholder Management and Communications
    • Identifying Stakeholders
    • The Stakeholder Management Strategy
    • The Communications Plan
  • Risk Management and Issue Resolution
    • Risk Management Overview
    • Risk identifying and evaluation
    • Issue Resolution Strategy
  • Programme Planning & Control
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Managing resources
    • Progress monitoring and performance measurement
  • Business Case Management
    • The Development of the Business Case
    • Reviewing the Business Case
    • Managing the Business Case
  • Quality Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Assessing Quality and Audit reviews
    • Programme and Project Assurance
  • Programme Management Processes Overview
    • Identifying and defining a Programme
    • Governing a Programme
    • Closing a Programme
  • Course Review

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