Managing Project Risk



Delegates who wish to develop a structured method for the Management of Project Risk in terms of the Risk Analysis and Risk Management processes

Course Duration

2 Days


None; although exposure to a project environment would be of benefit


·         To understand the overall Management of Project Risk Process

·         To be able to apply a variety of techniques to determine and quantify potential risks

·         To be able to develop alternative solutions and use a variety of techniques to determine which one(s) to implement

·         To understand the importance of planning and implementing identified actions

Topics Covered

·         What is Risk?

o        Health and Safety Risk

o        Financial Risk

o        Risk in Project Management

·         Risk: Threats and Opportunities - Fundamental Management of Project Risk Concepts

·         Business versus Project Risk

·         Risk and Opportunity processes

·         Risk and Opportunity Management Planning

·         Identification

o       Tools and Techniques to Identify Project Risk

o       Assumptions Analysis

·         Analysis

o       Values versus discrete levels

o       Tools and Techniques for Project Risk Analysis

o       Further factors to consider – the people side of risk

·         Evaluation

o       Project Risk Exposure calculations

·         Action Plan Formulation / Execution

o       Analytical selection process

·         Reporting and reviewing Project Risks

·         Embedding the Management of Project Risk process

·         Learning and Continuous Improvement

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