Introduction to Project Management (Oil and Gas Industry)

Professionals who wish to gain an appreciation of the main principles of project management in the Oil and Gas Industry
Course Duration
3 Days
None although exposure to project work will be of benefit


  • To understand the link between organisation strategy and projects
  • To be able to manage Stakeholders involved in a project
  • To appreciate the difference between planning and scheduling
  • Using Work Breakdown Structures to break a project down into manageable sections
  • To understand and apply estimating techniques and critical path analysis
  • To understand the importance of Risk Management and how to set up an appropriate Quality Management approach for a project
  • To understand the importance of the control cycle in managing projects

Topics Covered

  • Strategy & Project Management
  • Project management principles
  • Key Project Roles & Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management in the early Phases of a Project
  • Project Planning – Developing the Scope
  • Project Planning - Scheduling
  • Project Planning – Estimating, Monitoring & Controlling Costs
  • Contracting & Procurement
  • Project Risk Management for oil and gas projects
  • Performance and Resource Management
  • Effective project execution – the Quality perspective
  • Project Completion and Post Implementation Appraisals

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