'We can offer the following project management and project risk management on-site consultancy services to your organisation'

  • Developing your management of project risk capability

    eveloping risk awareness and the proactive management of project risk brings great benefits. Projects are inherently risky and by having a structured approach to maximising opportunities and minimizing threats you will add value to your projects
    Planning Workshop Facilitation
    You have the technical knowledge about the project content but have difficulty in getting the best plan out of your team?

    With twenty years of experience in helping organisations get the best from their staff, facilitating a planning workshop enables the team to focus sharing information while being taken through an effective, structured step by step approach.
    The end result will be a project management plan which truly reflects the work to be carried out by the team, but more importantly a team of people who understand what each team member will be contributing to project success.

  • Helping Organisations develop an effective Project Management approach

    Concerned with your organisation’s approach to projects?
    Often organisations have difficulty with developing a project management approach that fits in with their culture. Whether your organisation has difficulty with a rigid, straight-jacketed approach, or it suffers from a lack of
    and structure in the way it handles its projects, we can help you to tailor a method which suits the way you would like to work.
    We can then support you in rolling out this approach through the organisation enabling a standard approach to be embedded and delivering maximum value
    to you.

  • Development of Project Management Standards, Templates and Procedures

    A structured agreed approach will maximise the effectiveness of any organisation. By agreed project management standards and making use of the same optimised templates and procedures we can get on with the job of running our projects well, rather than reinventing our approach for each project. Standard templates speed up the production of useful documentation and aids quick review of multiple projects that are currently being carried out.

  • Tailoring of the Project Environment

    "One size doesn't fit all" Tailoring your project management approach to the culture of your organisation delivers benefits. Managing a project, of whatever scale, requires the appropriate level of control and rigour. Tailoring the project approach ensures you maximise your efficiency, helping you to deliver it on time, to budget and delivering the required benefits.

  • Tailored Training

    To maximise your staff's ability to deliver projects in a cost effective way, they need to understand the approach and have confidence in their capabilities. Tailored training will deliver the needs of the business, saving time and money in project delivery maximising the benefits through successful implementation.

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